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Building a manhole

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Building a manhole

This week CC Drainage LTD were called out to build a client a man hole from start to finish. 

Manholes should be constructed where there is a change of direction and/or gradient, or where access is required for maintenance purposes. In this case, the customer was specifically asked by building regulations for a manhole to be fitted on the premises for maintenance purposes due to the original man hole being concealed and buried underneath the clients new extension. This disabled the access to the sewer between the clients property and a neighbours which was approximately 30 metres away.  

By building a manhole, access to the sewer can be gained for maintenance purposes in the event of any future problems.   

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With CC Drainage LTD being a trusted and professional drainage company, we began the dig to locate the sewer which was approx. 3 foot deep. Once located we made a precision cut to the pipe and made a form compact water tight base around the pipe for an access and opening point. The foundations for the manhole were the. Made using concrete sections to build upwards to create a manhole chamber. 

After concrete sections were secured and set in place we then back filled the hole with a concrete mix to ensure it was compact and had a tight and secure seal around the new manhole.

The manhole cover frame was cemented in place and pointed up the edges for a tidy smooth finish and was ready for inspection.

The job was carried out to meet the requirements of the landlord of the premises and was later passed by building regulations.