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How to Stop Your Drains from Becoming Blocked in the Future

How to prevent blocked drains

Homeowners and business owners alike know full well how frustrating and how unhealthy having clogged drains in your home or business can be.  There is nothing quite as upsetting than turning on your sink only to have it overflow because the drains are clogged and not functioning properly.  Or better yet, when flushing your toilet to have it overflow because it too has become blocked and unable to operate properly.  There are all kinds of drain clogging issues that can arise both in a home and a business which is why it is important to get your drains properly cleaned and serviced and then take necessary steps to avoid these same unfortunate occurrences from happening yet again.

When you experience a drain clogging problem surely the first thing you do is to attempt to resolve the problem yourself.  Though you may actually be successful in accomplishing this task, you will probably find yourself tackling the same problems again over and over moving forward.  For this very reason, when drains become clogged in your home or business your best course of action is to hire a professional drain unblocking company to handle all your drainage needs.  A professional company and its highly skilled technicians are able to come out to your property to clean and service your drains and resolve your current drain clogging crisis.  In addition, these very same professionals are able to provide you with insight on how to avoid these types of issues in the future.

blocked drain

Everybody wants to keep their drains running freely and smoothly and to avoid the presence of any horrifying odours as well.  On the do-it-yourself platform, running hot water through your sink or bathtub after each use will help to alleviate drain clogs and blockages.  Even throwing a handful of baking soda into your drains before running the hot water has proven to be an effective way of avoiding drain clogs.  In addition, you can pour a cup of vinegar down your drain, allow it to sit for about 30 minutes and then rinse it away again with hot water.  These are surely some popular do-it-yourself remedies for clogged drains, but still the ideal solution and definitely the long-term, ongoing solution to these types of drain clogging issues is to hire the professionals.

If you are looking to avoid ongoing drain problems in your home or business, then surely it’s time to choose and depend upon a professional drain cleaning company for a few good reasons.  First and foremost, a professional company will have not only the skill and training, but the familiarity needed with specialized drain products and know how to use them properly and safely so as to protect everyone in your home or business.

Secondly, a professional drain company knows that not all clogs are created equal which means not all clogs can be treated the same way.  A highly skilled plumber will properly diagnose and analyse your drain problems, determine the cause, locate the exact clog and the very best and most efficient way to resolve the problem.  In addition, after attempting to resolve your own drain clogs you probably have finally realized that all those store-bought problem solvers either only work slightly or temporarily and even cause damage to your pipes thereby creating greater expenses for you in the long run.  Hiring a professional plumber for your clogged drains will be completely fixed without causing damage to your pipes and will prevent any future clogs from developing yet again.

Finally, by hiring a professional drain cleaner your results are sure to be far more effective and because of their confidence and reliability, all work performed is typically guaranteed which means should any additional problems arise, you will not have to incur any further expenses.

There is only one thing that is more frustrating and upsetting than having to fix a clogged drain and that is quite simply having to fix it yet a second time.  Hiring a professional drain cleaning company will avoid these potential issues and indeed avoid unnecessary frustration and stress.  Why take any chances?  When you are faced with clogged drains, take the best step forward and hire a professional drain company to avoid your drains from clogging again in the future.

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Drain installation

Here are some images of a job that we recently worked on.

Drain Install 1

drain install 2

drain install 3

drain install 3

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Blocked Drain Job

Here are some images from job that we recently worked on regarding a blocked drain.

new drain blockage 1

New Drain Blockage 2

new drain blockage 3

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Drain Blockage Job

Here are some images of a blocked drain that we recently fixed.

Drain blockage 1

drain blockage 2

drain blockage 3

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New Drain Installation

We recently helped install a new drain for a client. Here are some pictures from the job.

New drain installation 1

new drain installation 2

New Drain Installation 3

new drain installation 4

New drain installation 5

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Intruding Connection

Intruding connection cut out using our cutter.

picture of cc drainage installing a intruding connection in this picture we are fitting a intruding connection

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Customer Review for Blocked Drains Liverpool

We recently cleaned Susan’s drains and her is a video of her experience with CC Drainage.

If you need a blocked drains liverpool service give us a call and we will be more than happy to help.

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New Video

Today we published a video to our YouTube channel for the first time. This short video explains a little bit more about the business and what we offer.

Please feel free to subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

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Why Having Your Driveway Professionally Cleaned Makes Sense?

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If you’re a house proud homeowner you probably want the outside of your house to look as good as the inside, and that means taking care of your driveway.

You may well get the hose out and give your paving a bit of a wash down periodically, but although this can help it doesn’t really count as a proper clean.

Having your driveway professionally cleaned is the only real option to keep it in tiptop condition; here’s a few reasons why it makes perfect sense.

picture of a driveway being cleaned via jet washing


A quick squirt of water is great and could rinse away any loose surface debris, but to keep your driveway properly clean it needs a much more intense wash.

A power washer is a piece of equipment which will give your driveway a really deep clean, removing ingrained dirt and debris and making the paving look clean and bright once more.

It is possible to purchase power washing equipment for personal use but generally these are much weaker than those used commercially, so you won’t get the same flawless result. In addition, power washers of any kind are a bulky piece of equipment so you’ll need a fair amount of space in your shed or garage to be able to store it between washes.

Although it’s possible to do a power wash yourself, for these reasons it’s simply more practical and economical to get it professionally done.

One Size Doesn’t Fit All

If you’re not a paving expert, you could well be unaware of the different types of cleaning products on the market and the potential dangers for picking the wrong one.

Most people wouldn’t think twice about grabbing an exterior cleaning solution but strong chemicals can end up doing damage to the surface rather than providing the immaculate result you were hoping for.

If the cleaning product isn’t quite right for your driveway, you could end up with not just discolouration but also cracking and damaged slabs too. This can present a trip hazard and therefore be not just unsightly but a danger as well.

A Thorough Job

Cleaning the driveway may take more time than you realise and washing the surface over is only part of the job.

Between the cracks in the slab weeds can start to grow or debris can become trapped, leaving the driveway to start pulling away or displacing, creating a hazard underfoot.

An expert cleaning service will have plenty of tools to reach into the cracks and to identify any individual slabs where problems are emerging. This allows it to be rectified promptly before more extensive damage is done to your driveway.

Don’t Risk It

Having your driveway laid is a major job and once it’s in place, it should look as good as new for a very long time. However, this takes work, specialist equipment and expert knowledge which is why it’s always sensible to get it professionally cleaned when needed, and don’t attempt it yourself.

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Four Great Reasons To Use CCTC Drain Surveys

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Until your drains go wrong, you probably never gave them a second thought but if you’ve ever experienced problems, you’ll appreciate how horrific the experience can be.

CCTC drain surveys use the very best in modern technology to sort out drain defects quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss.

Here’s four great reasons why you should use a firm that offers CCTC drain surveys.


picture of drains being cleaned by 2 CC drainage workers

1) Less inconvenience

One of the problems with drain blockages and breakdowns is that the pipes are buried underground. This means it’s very difficult to gain access to the parts or even get a clear view of where the issue lies.

Traditionally, the only solution was excavation, digging out the whole area to reach the drain for assessment and repair. Although effective, this meant lots of disruption, cost and inconvenience.

CCTV surveys eliminate the need for this, reaching the part of the drain quickly, easily and with the minimum of fuss.

2) Cost

Plumbing and drain contractors are skilled individuals so their services don’t come cheaply. Without CCTV, it can take much longer to get the job done which inevitably means a higher cost too.

With the evolution of CCTV drain surveys, it’s now possible to identify the problem and get it fixed much more quickly, radically slashing the cost without compromising on quality.

3) Accuracy

CCTV drain surveys use small but strong equipment which allows the cameras to travel deep down into the pipes to discover the root of the problem.

The plumbers will be able to follow the progress of the camera on their screen, and determine instantly what’s wrong with the drain.

Without CCTV drain surveys, you might have to try a few different possible treatments first in the hope that it clears the problem. However, not all solutions work for every issue, for example, chemical uncloggers won’t move a physical obstruction such as tree or plant roots.

Carrying out the drain survey allows the right treatment to be delivered the first time, providing a great degree of accuracy.

4) Proactive checks

Most people don’t consider what problems might be accumulating down their drains, only calling in expert services when something goes wrong.

However, if you’re buying a home or planning building work such as an extension, you might want to check that everything is in good working order.

A CCTV drain survey can be carried out to make sure there are no potential faults, allowing either the purchase or the construction to go ahead without a hitch.


You might have only ever associated CCTV with above ground security footage, but drain surveys have a very important role to play. As well as being economical, convenient and quick, they can also help you to prevent problems in the future.