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No Dig Technology

‘No dig’, ‘trenches’ or ‘relining’ technology is now recognised as the fastest and efficient method of installing Pipes, ducts and repairing a damaged drain. ‘No dig’ technology allows CC drainage engineers repair drainage systems with the least disruption possible in an environmentally friendly resolution.

Within the drain industry patch liners as the technique is known, are the perfect solution to cracks, fractures, root ingress and open or displaced joints in the drainage system. The development of these latest no dig technologies has been made possible by the introduction of new innovative tools and repair materials, such as UV cured polyester resins and inflatable fibreglass and resin mats positioned using an inflatable packer.

picture of no dig in action

The technique consists of impregnating a polyester sleeve with resin and inserting it into the drain  Using air inversion or water inversion our engineer turns the sleeve inside out, the sleeve then bonds. Over the following few hours the sleeve will harden, enabling the removal of the inflation hose resulting in a sealed length of pipe work, the resin cures, effectively creating a new pipe within the pipe. You lose approx. 6mm diameter which will not affect the drain flow instead it will restore the integrity of the drain.

‘No dig’ technology is a quick and cost-effective way to repair smaller, troublesome areas which could, potentially, become major issues if left untreated with virtually no disturbance to the surrounding areas.

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