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Why You Should Quickly Fix Blocked Drains

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Why You Should Quickly Fix Blocked Drains

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Your drains are probably something you don’t give a second thought to, as when things are running smoothly it’s easy to take them for granted.

However, when you have a blocked drain, it’s a very different matter and the potential for very disruptive problems is huge.

Here’s a look at what could happen when you get blocked drains and why it’s so vital to fix them quickly.

Fix Blocked Drains

Smelly rooms

If there’s a blockage in your drains, waste material will not be able to flow away so quickly and debris can start to build up in the pipes.

This is a situation which will simply deteriorate as the longer the situation continues, the more rotten and fetid the waste in the pipes will become – as well as the fact that more and more will be accumulating!

You won’t be able to escape the reality of this problem as the foul smell from this waste build-up will waft back out into your rooms. Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen or outdoors, you’ll notice an absolutely vile stench which you won’t be able to shift with a quick blast of bleach.

Blocked Drains

Backed-up toilets

If you’ve ever had blocked drains, you’ll appreciate just why it’s essential to get moving as quickly as possible.

It’s possible to get either partial or complete blockages, but if the former isn’t treated swiftly, it can very easily become the latter!

When your drains are blocked, the water and waste material won’t be able to flow away from your house. The pipes will therefore fill up very quickly and in the first instance you’ll notice that it’s taking a long time for water to drain away.

However, things can get much worse than slow-moving water if your drains aren’t unblocked! If the situation continues water and waste will start to appear back up out of your sinks, bath, shower and even toilet, and can cause an odious flood in your home.

Reduce the cost

Small blockages in the drains can be relatively easy to fix with the right tools and know-how. An experienced drain clearing company can usually clear blocked drains in next to no time, leaving everything to start running freely again.

However, the longer you leave it the more likely that the pipes will become permanently damaged. And this means that the repairs will take longer, be more costly and potentially more inconvenient too. With the help of CCTV surveys, it’s now possible to see right down into the depths of a drain and carry out necessary repairs. When the damage becomes extensive, the whole area may need to be dug up to access the pipework.

Getting blocked drains fixed quickly may seem like a hassle, but it’s nothing compared to what could happen if you ignore the problem and just hope it will go away!