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Driveway Cleaning Liverpool

At CC Drainage we cover all aspects of surface cleaning including driveways, patios, slabs, decking, car parks, block paving and concrete, refurbishing and restoring them to look as good as new.

Not only does our cleaning programme restore hard surfaces, we use a combination of sealing and other treatments to enhance the appearance and durability of the treated area.

We offer high quality work at excellent value for money, using our jet wash and high pressure cleaning service to get rid of surface dirt and expose the clean surface underneath. You can see the back of unsightly weed, moss, algae and stains quickly and safely, ideal for paths, driveways, patios, deckings, tarmac, car parks and more.

picture of a driveway being cleaned by our team

Our cleaning programme is broken down into 3 stages:

Stage 1: Cleaning the driveway

We use high pressure water to restore any hard landscape back to its original condition, jetting away dirt and stains.

Any hard landscaped area can be brought back to its original condition. We use a 50 hp 3000psi @ 16 gpm to tackle stains fungi algae etc

Stage 2: Sanding

After stage 1, we offer sanding drive way or patio, joints will be filled with dried sand to fill any holes or gaps enhancing the look of your surface.

Stage 3: Chemically sealing the drive

We recommend stage 3 for the best results, using specialist chemicals we seal drive ways and patios, to keep your area in excellent condition for up to 3 years. This will make the pavingĀ  less porous avoiding stains, stop the growth of weeds and algae and enhance the look of the surface giving it a sheen appearance.

For the customers who choose not to opt for stage 3 we recommend stage 1 and 2 once a year to maintain high quality results.

So if you are looking for the finest driveway cleaning in Liverpool please email or call us today. We are available 7 days a week to have your path and driveway looking as good as new.